Holding CVS gift vouchers from the Downtown Saguenay Centers and wondering where to use them? Look no further! Auberge des 21 is proud to announce that we accept these gift vouchers for a variety of services we offer. Whether it’s for a gourmet dinner at our restaurant, a relaxing evening at the bar, a comfortable overnight stay, purchasing an exclusive package, or starting your day beautifully with breakfast in our charming café, your CVS gift vouchers are welcome here in any season.

It’s the Perfect Time to Pamper Yourself at Auberge des 21

We invite you to experience unforgettable moments, whether you want to share a romantic experience as a couple, spend quality time with friends, create family memories, celebrate with colleagues, or simply treat yourself to a well-deserved break. At Auberge des 21, there are no restrictions: use your CVS gift vouchers as if they were cash.

Our establishment, located in the heart of Saguenay’s downtown areas, is the perfect place to discover or rediscover the charm and beauty of the region while enjoying our warm hospitality and high-end services.

Book Your Experience at Auberge des 21 Now

To plan your stay or for more information on how to maximize your experience with your CVS gift vouchers with us, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to answer all your questions and to help you organize a memorable stay. Call us at 418-697-2121.

Don’t let your gift vouchers gather dust in a drawer! Treat yourself to a getaway at Auberge des 21, where every moment promises to be filled with relaxation, pleasure, and discovery. We look forward to welcoming you!