Auberge des 21

Looking for an exceptional venue to host your meetings?

Auberge des 21 invites you to discover a place renowned for its cozy comfort, warm hospitality, and gourmet cuisine. Our establishment offers the opportunity to effectively combine work and pleasure.

We offer a wide range of packages tailored to your needs, whether for a meeting day, a stay with lakeside activities, evening cocktails, lunches, or any other arrangement. Whether you’re seeking a team-building activity, a social addition to your conference, or any specific request, we are ready to meet your expectations.

Reception and Conference Rooms

Our venue provides several versatile rooms suitable for a multitude of events:


Boreal Room: Available anytime for activities or events starting from 6 AM. The room layout can be adjusted to your needs.
Room A or B: Capacity: 5 to 15 people
Room A and B: Capacity: 15 to 60 people

The Restaurant Room: Available for meetings with mandatory dining (ending by 5 PM, Tuesday to Saturday). Depending on availability, the room can be reserved for a group with a minimum of 60 prepaid meals. Table arrangements can also be tailored to your needs.
Capacity: 60 to 100 people

The Chapel Room: Available for events starting from 6 AM (ending by 5 PM, Tuesday to Saturday) with a mandatory package. The room layout remains unchanged.
Capacity: 5 to 30 people

Fjord Café Room: Available for events starting from 10:30 AM and ending by 5 PM, with a mandatory package. The room layout remains unchanged.
Capacity: 10 to 20 people

Le Foyer Bar: Available for events starting from 6 AM (ending by 5 PM, Tuesday to Saturday), with a mandatory package. The room layout remains unchanged.
Capacity: 5 to 12 people

    The Terrace: Host the aperitif of your event on our magnificent terrace with a breathtaking view of the Fjord.
    Capacity: 5 to 25 people

    Types of Meals

    The quality of our cuisine enables us to create meals that meet the demands and constraints of every client.


    We offer a variety of meal types for groups, including:

    • Coffee Break: Perfect for meetings, with hot drinks and light snacks. (From 5 clients)

    • Breakfast Buffet: Ideal to start the day with a varied selection of dishes. (From 20 clients) Meals can also be served as brunch.

    • Lunch Buffet: A casual option for noon events, offering a diversity of dishes. (From 20 clients)

    • 3, 4, or 5 Course Menus: Available for lunch or dinner. (From 20 clients)

    *For groups of less than 20 people, we offer a 3-course cold menu.

    • Cocktail Reception: A friendly option with a variety of appetizers.

    • Lunch Box: Convenient and delicious, it’s also a great option for a quick meal without sacrificing quality.

    Event Types

    Discover below the list of events we are delighted to host.

    Whether you’re planning a dynamic business meeting, a warm family celebration, or a memorable professional event, our team is here to support you every step of the way. Explore our diverse list of occasions and find the perfect space to successfully bring your vision to life.

    • Business Meetings: Ideal for presentations, seminars, or team meetings.
    • Strategy Sessions: Internal planning meetings for your company in a calm environment conducive to reflection.
    • Conferences: For educational or informative events.
    • Professional Training: The perfect space for training sessions.
    • Family Celebrations: Such as birthdays, baptisms, or family reunions.
    • Weddings: To celebrate your dream day.
    • Corporate Meals: More formal events to strengthen professional bonds.
    • General Assemblies: Perfect for formal meetings of members of an organization, association, or company.
    • Product Launches: To introduce new products or services.
    • Art Exhibitions: Showcase artworks or organize opening receptions.
    • Cocktails and Receptions: For social or networking events.
    • Culinary Tastings: An ideal space to explore gastronomy.
    • Charity Events: To raise funds or awareness for a cause.
    • End-of-Year Parties: Celebrate the festive seasons with colleagues, friends, or family.
    • Community Events: Local meetings or group activities.
    • Photo Shoots or Filming: For artistic or promotional projects.
    • Graduation Parties: Celebrate academic achievements.
    • Yoga or Fitness Sessions: Offer yoga, Pilates, or other physical activities.
    • Book Launches: For local writers or touring authors.
    • Wellness Seminars: On topics such as mental health, stress management, etc.
    • Themed Evenings: Costume, dance, or on a specific theme.
    • Cultural Events: Concerts, plays, art exhibitions, etc.
    • Trade Shows: For product presentations or industry meetings.
    • Meditation Sessions: Provide a relaxing space for guided meditation sessions.
    • Team-Building Activities: To strengthen team cohesion within professional teams.

    Room Rental Policy

    This policy outlines the terms and conditions for renting rooms at Auberge des 21. Any organization, whether public or private, as well as individuals aged 18 and over, may request a room rental for private or corporate events or activities, provided they comply with this policy. Events or activities covered by this policy include private and corporate parties, conferences, meetings, training sessions, award ceremonies, launches, cocktails, banquets, performances, and any other similar event or activity.

    Rental Request:

    • Requests must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the scheduled event date.
    • Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability.
    • Rental rates vary depending on the room size, rental duration, and any additional equipment required.
    • Detailed information about the planned event or activity must be provided when making the request.

    Rental Conditions:

    • A rental agreement will be established once the request is approved and payment terms are agreed upon.
    • Full payment is required upon signing the contract to confirm the reservation.
    • No refunds will be made in case of cancellation.
    • The organizer will be charged for the number of guests confirmed 10 days before the event.

    Hours and Restrictions:

    • Our rooms are available for rent in 4-hour blocks between 7 AM and 11 PM.
    • The client must adhere to the agreed rental times. Bar service and music, if applicable, must cease at least half an hour before the end of the activity.
    • Activities must conclude by 11 PM at all times.

    Respect for the Premises:

    • Room decoration must be done during the specified hours on the day of the event.
    • No alterations to the rented premises are allowed without prior written permission from the administration.
    • No signage is permitted without the authorization of a manager. The installation of posters, signs, or other advertising media is strictly prohibited without prior written authorization.
    • The use of adhesive materials on walls, ceilings, and floors is prohibited.
    • The renter is responsible for the cleanliness of the rented spaces and must return them to their original state at the end of the rental period.
    • The renter is responsible for any damage caused to the room, adjacent spaces, and artworks.

    Liability for Damage:

    • The renter is liable for any damage to the rented spaces, equipment, and furniture.
    • In case of breakage or damage caused by the renter or their guests, replacement or repair costs will be charged.
    • The renter is responsible for any claims for lost, missing, or stolen items, as well as for any bodily or material damage or accidents occurring during the contract duration.

    Compliance with Laws:

    • The renter must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
    • Smoking, vaping, or consuming illegal substances inside the premises is prohibited.
    • The music volume must be reasonable and comply with applicable regulations.
    • The renter is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and complying with copyright and broadcasting laws.

    Maximum Room Capacity:

    • The client must adhere to the maximum room capacity.

    By agreeing to rent a room at Auberge des 21, you commit to adhering to the conditions outlined in this policy. We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to hosting your event.