A Celebration of Quebec’s Culinary Wealth

It is with simple joy and great gratitude that we, at Auberge des 21, share with you news that deeply touches us. Recently, we were honored to receive the “Aliments du Québec au menu” certification, a recognition that highlights our humble effort to support local agriculture and the gastronomy of our region.

A Mark of Recognition That Honors Us:

This distinction is not the result of an isolated effort but the outcome of collective work and the passion of our chefs, Danny and Frank. Their dedication to showcasing our region’s products on our menu is at the heart of this recognition. It is a source of motivation for all of us at Auberge des 21, reinforcing our commitment to our community and our environment.

The Importance of Favoring Quebec Products:

Choosing local products is more than a culinary practice for us; it’s a philosophy. It allows us to support our region’s economy, reduce our ecological footprint, and ensure unparalleled freshness in our dishes. We are grateful to contribute, in our own way, to promoting Quebec’s culinary wealth, offering our guests an authentic experience that reflects the diversity and quality of our terroir.

“Aliments du Québec au Menu”: More Than a Program, a Community:

We are proud to be part of the “Aliments du Québec au menu” program, which recognizes the efforts of establishments like ours in highlighting local products. Being part of a community committed to valorizing our local gastronomy is a daily source of inspiration.

Receiving the “Aliments du Québec au menu” certificate is a reminder of the importance of our choices and our impact on our community and environment. We continue our journey with humility, aware of the significance of each action in favor of showcasing our terroir. We invite our clientele to discover the unique flavors offered by Quebec’s nature, hoping to share together this passion for local and responsible cuisine.

We would be delighted to welcome you to Auberge des 21 to provide you with an experience where each dish tells a story, that of our love for Quebec and its products. Visit us for a moment of sharing and discovery, at the heart of our humble but sincere approach to sustainable and committed gastronomy.